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Cocos Island

Cocos Island is an oceanic island separated from the continent. A high proportion of the species found here are endemic due to its isolation.
over 270 species of fishes have been identified from which at least 27 species found only at Cocos.
Oceanic currents are responsible for carrying larvas from the Indo-Pacific to Cocos, especially during El-Nino years.
Cocos is safe heaven to its reef inhabitants, and dense schools of big eye Jacks, Mollet Snappers, golden snappers can be seen all around the island.

Cocos is mostly known for its large, "Charismatic", marine species like the whale shark, scalloped hammerhead, silky sharks, manta rays, and many more. This gallery displays the smaller critters hidden well within the reef. Many of them are hard to find, yet they form an important part of the living tissue of the island.

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