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Inner Space

The Experience

DEEPSEE Submersible And Rebreather Diving

We know very little about our oceans. 75% of it lies beneath 1000m, ocean depths are relatively unexplored and until recently, inaccessible. Latest technological developments open new opportunities to witness ocean's mysteries- welcome to my Inner Space.

Submersibles presented me with a unique perspective of the underwater world. Harnessing cutting edge technology to overcome immense pressure, Submersible transport its passengers to depth way beyond divers reach.
The submersible DEEPSEE is a custom design Main Pressure Vessel (MPV) made of transparent acrylic, life-supporting a pilot and 2 passengers down to the depth of 500mtr.
Diving rebreathers (CCR) for many years, using different gas mixes, allowed me to dive as deep as 120m, not without a heavy penalty, spending hours decompressing on the way back to the surface. DEEPSEE, a 1-atmosphere submersible, became a natural choice to extend my inner space exploration.
The synergy between rebreather diving and the submersible is similar in many ways to spacewalk and space shuttle voyage respectively. Adopting these technologies to dive deeper, further, yet closer to the marine life, led me to experience unique and rare moments.
Both rebreathers and submersible are a non-intrusive approaches to animals documentation. rebreather recycle the air I breathe. It replenishes my oxygen and absorbs the CO2 I exhale, hence there are no bubbles exhaled. The submersible is a giant rebreather where the occupants sit inside its transparent acrylic sphere, protected from the elements.

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